Zen Recycling: How to Declutter

Zen Recycling how to declutter

One of the things that gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind is having a clean home, there is a calm and joy that enters my heart knowing that I have either upcycled, recycled or given away all the unnecessary items in my life.

On the other hand, when my home is full of clutter and toys and books are filling every draw, table, and nook in the house I find there is chaos in my heart and I can not concentrate.

I’ve been simplifying and decluttering my home on a regular basis now for years and I have gotten into a good routine of doing it. Although many people spend the time to declutter their homes many forget that "one person's garbage is another person's treasure" and that upcycling, recycling or giving away your clutter is a much better option than sending it to landfill. 

Here are my top tips for recycling your clutter :

  • Just start. The hardest part of any journey is the first step, but once you start things seem to just flow. Pick something small, to begin with and you will most likely find that hours have passed you by and that one drawer has turned into a whole room. 
  • Group your clutter. Before starting your decluttering task create several areas that you can group your items into as you sort through the items. Keep, Recycle, UpCycle and Give Away. Now as you begin decluttering simply sort items into one of these categories. Once you are finished only put back the items you placed in the keep pile.
  • Start small. Don't try to declutter a whole room or house in one sitting. If you are like most people you will get about half way into the process and begin regretting it. Start small by choosing one area or group of items at a time. Sort them and recycle before moving onto the next area, that way you can sort as many small areas as you like until you become tired of the process. 
  • Be strong. It can sometimes be hard to let go of items but remember you are not throwing these items away, instead they will be gaining a whole new purpose in life. Later we will look at how we can recycle, upcycle or give away our unwanted clutter. 
  • Paper weight. If you are anything like me then you will seem to accumulate paper from thin air. Energy bills, old work notes, magazines, junk mail, old post it notes etc... All of these can be put into your recycling pile. You can even go one more step and digitize any paper documents you think you may need in the future.   
  • Maybe Pile. If you cannot decide if an item should be in the keep or one of the recycling piles then create a Maybe Pile. Once you are finished sorting your clutter take this maybe pile and put it into a box, write on the lid the date you placed the items in the box and then put it away somewhere. The next time you are doing some decluttering if you come across the box and the date is a year or more old then you know the items inside are not that important this time put them in one of the recycling piles.
  • Winning. Once you have finished sorting out all your clutter remember to have a little celebration. It is a well known fact that if you release some endorphins after completing an unpleasant task it makes the task much easier the next time. Stand back admire your handy work and know that you have done something good for your planet and your life goals. Bask in the glory.

Now that you have your piles all setup simply move your recyclables into your home recycling center, prepare to have some fun upcycling projects to attempt over the coming weeks and take all your items to give away to friends or the local charity. 

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