Thinking of quitting Recycling? 4 ways to get motivated again.

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We have all been there, super motivated everyday kicking butt and feeling like the world is going right with everything we do. Then it hits you, something slips, then another, all the sudden you start to feel a little overwhelmed or even a little depressed. 

Getting motivated to start focusing on your goals can be a challenge and I am by no means qualified to give professional advice. However, I have found that when I need to get myself out of a funk the following things have worked for me.

  1. Process your inbox. In a previous post about my Early Morning Recycling routine, I was reading a book called Getting Things Done. Since then I have tried to follow the process of processing all the demands I have and sorting them into actionable lists that I can attend to at a later date. I have often found that I start to get demotivated when I have not kept this process up and things are starting to build up on me. Therefore spending a few hours to reset my actions based on my inbox often helps to bring back a feeling of control and helps to overcome that feeling of non-achievement.  
  2. Complete one of your actions. This one builds on the last, once I have my new lists all sorted out I will pick a small action that I can achieve quickly in my current context. It could be something as simple as gather up all the junk mail that has accumulated in the hallway and put it into my paper recycling center. Once this small action is complete it motivates me to tackle something bigger. This cycle continues until I feel awesome. 
  3. Play with your children. Looking into your child's smiling face as you pick them up is a feeling I cannot describe, it always makes me feel better. I also think about all that I am doing to make sure that my daughter has a better life than I had and about all the possibilities for her life. This helps reaffirm my mission to recycle, upcycle and reuse as much as I can so that her and children like her will have a sustainable future. 
  4. Go to the recycling center. It's all too easy to have your recycling picked up and to forget about all the work that goes into turning your garbage into something that is recyclable. Taking a trip to the local recycling center gives me an excuse to get out of the house if I have been stuck inside for too long. As an added bonus it is often a good opportunity to meet others that are also into recycling, you never know who you might meet. 

What do you do to get motivated again after a slump?

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