The Art of Recycling

Art of Recycling

Why the art of recycling? 

I love the idea of recycling and living a sustainable life free of the clutter of everyday items.

This blog is about how to transition from a throwaway lifestyle to one of caring for the future, our planet and our society. 

However, I believe any change in your life especially the ones that are worth making are only ever achieved when applied on a cadence that enables you to build good habits. Do I want to recycle that empty water bottle? Then I must create the habit of putting the bottle into a recycling container rather than general waste. I must create the habit to think about the positive impact that one recycled bottle will have on my children's future.

Recycling needs to become a habit that is cultivated daily no matter where you are or what you are doing. The goal is to make recycling a long term habit that you do not need to think about much the same as you do not think about breathing. The only way to achieve that is to do it consistently. That does not mean that I am successful each and every day... but the most important thing is that when I am not successful it comes as a shock to my system rather than as a natural response. 

The Art of Recycling for me is a reminder to live my life simply and to make progress towards forming good recycling habits for me and my family in addition to staying focused on achieving my goals one recycled item at a time. 

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