Recycling Tips: #2 Most Important (Recycling) Task First

Recycling Tip #2 - RecycleMonthly

By now I am sure you are aware that I am a proponent of Getting Things Done (GTD) with too many posts to reference here. However, this recycling tip is about how to make sure you get to your recycling tasks first.

Most Important Task (MIT) is defined as the most important thing or things you need to accomplish on any given day in order to move closer to your goals. Often GTD proponents will religiously write out their MIT the night before or the morning of the day those tasks need to be completed. This is a great first start however the trouble starts when those tasks are not immediately actioned. 

Email, phone calls, and other distractions quickly take the focus away from those MIT's and they can fall away from our perspective ending up on our undone list. 

@TaylorPearson has provided a really useful MIT Daily Review Template that is freely available on Google Docs. As well as a great post about his own Daily Ritual. If you miss any of your MIT's for the day you are supposed to review why you did not accomplish that task and how you can prevent yourself from not completing tasks in the future. 

Having realized that early morning interruptions are the main cause of me not completing my MIT's I have now put in some hard and fast rules about making sure I complete at least one MIT before I answer any emails, phone calls or other distractions. 

As part of my Early Morning Recycling Routine, I make sure to identify the most important MIT's for the day and now I actually start on the first one immediately after my Motivational Meditation session. 

Having accomplished the first MIT it often spurs me on to start the second and even the third sometimes. Although I will admit on many occasions I run out of time to start the second or third as my family starts to wake up and other commitments start to loom. However, as I have already completed one MIT I find that it encourages me to review my other MIT's throughout the day.

How do you manage to make sure you complete all your Most Important Tasks each day?

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