Recycling Tip: Do some Volunteer work.

Quick intro: This is one in a series of Recycling Tips – little hacks and tricks that are designed to make you more motivated and productive in your recycling. At the end of the series, I’ll post them all together in an overview.

Recycling Tip - RecycleMonthly

Do you want to keep on track with your recycling goals and feel good about yourself at the same time? Simple. Give a little to others. It's a great feeling and is backed up by lots of science to support how it benefits us emotionally. Not to mention it is also easy to do.

A few weeks ago my wife and I decided to volunteer in a community cafe the provides perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste to people on low incomes. 

It was a truly moving and empowering experience to be able to help others less fortunate than ourselves whilst also putting to good use food which would otherwise have gone to waste. In addition, it also helped recharge my energy for recycling, reuse and upcycling as I could clearly see the positive benefits of putting the time into focusing on these endeavors.  

There are lots of great events that happen all over the world that you can find out about with a simple internet search. 

Are there any events happening near you locally that you could volunteer for?

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