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Ever since I attended the A360 Digital event which helped me to identify what my Massively Transformative Purpose (MVP) was I have found myself procrastinating a lot more.

I am not 100% sure why or how this happened but I seem to be spending a lot more time on social media and Youtube.

Maybe it is because an MVP is such a daunting task to undertake that I have been putting off starting. Whatever the reason I finally decided to snap out of it this morning. After a short meditation session to get me back on track, I wrote out my TODO list for my MVP. 

But then I hit another brick wall that almost had me opening Youtube again... Where to start? The list included some hard, some easy, some fun and some not so fun items. 

I decided to leave it up to fate to decide and created a fun new game I call Procrastination Bingo! (No relation to this Procrastination Bingo).

How To Play

  1. Write out your High-Level TODO list on some strips of paper.
  2. Place each of those strips of paper into a bag.
  3. Mix up the bag.
  4. Pull out one item.
  5. If that item can be completed easily then do it.
  6. If that item needs to be broken down then spend the time to write a TODO list just for that item.
  7. Select one of those sub-todo items that can be completed easily or create a sub-todo bingo game.
  8. Once the item is complete if it has further sub-todo items still left to complete then place it back into the bag. 
  9. If there are no more items to complete or the task is not one that you need to repeat on some interval then place it into your completed tasks jar.

I spent the day completing items off my list and I feel much more productive today than I have done for a long time. 

What tricks do you use to stop yourself procrastinating? Share with me on Twitter or in the comments.


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