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If you read this blog regularly you will know that I recently wrote about my Early Morning Recycling routine. 

Building on top of that I have now started a Late Night Recycling Routine.

For some reason it does not matter what time I get up in the morning I find that I still have difficulty sleeping if I do not manage to get all the worries out of my mind. I lie down and soon as my head hits the pillow I start thinking about what I need to achieve tomorrow. The problem is that I normally do not go to bed until after midnight and by the time I manage to fall asleep it is usually 2 or 3am. 

I have found that following a set routine that helps me to empty my head of all my concerns for the next day is actually allowing me to fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.

So if you have been trying out my Early Morning Recycling routine (or a variant) and are feeling tired maybe it's time to try out a Late Night Recycling routine to compliment it.

Below is the list of items that I try to follow each night.

  1. Shower as soon as possible - I know this might sound strange but in my household, the shower has become the bottleneck. Normally I have to wait for my wife and daughter to shower before I can, so that normally means I was not getting a shower until 11pm. Now I make a point of showing at 9pm whether they like it or not and this frees me up for the rest of the evening to wind down and not have to wait for someone else's schedule.
  2. Review items for Getting Things Done. 
    1. Review my daily notes - Each evening I review my notes from the day, I gather a lot of notes while I am at work, on the train and in general. I convert these notes into action points for the various projects I am working on and then either discard them or file them away for reference.  
    2. Review calendars - I have a work calendar and a personal calendar that I review each evening for the items coming up the next couple of days. I then use this to prepare any materials I need for important meetings and write out any actions I need to complete the next day. 
  3. Read my daughter to sleep - This is a nice time to relax and enjoy some one to one time with my daughter. It helps me wind down and remember how good life is.
  4. Tidy up the house - Children destroy your house and waking up to it in the morning is really depressing. So each night before I go to bed I make sure all the toys are packed away, dishes are clean and the house is generally tidy.
  5. Sort out the recycling - During the tidy up I normally find items that need sorting into my recycling center like bottles, cardboard boxes and all those useless notes now that I have turned them into actionable items!
  6. Turn the computer off and read - Finally, I go to bed and read for about 20 - 30 minutes which seems to be enough to make me feel my eyelids are made of concrete. 

I have found that doing the above items has really helped to relax me before going to bed. I feel that I have much more energy when I wake up for my Early Morning Recycling. 

Is there anything you would add to the list?

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