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Recycling - A glass half full - RecycleMonthly

It is easy to look at the negatives in any situation, most people are naturally drawn towards the black hats. We start to feel guilty about our lack of progress towards our goals, or we miss a couple days of recycling and start to doubt ourselves.

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post and I found myself falling into this same sort of mindset. Beginning to doubt myself and the usefulness of these posts. 

But that was looking at the glass as half empty and was sure to make it difficult to start writing again. So I decided to look over all the posts I have written since starting in May up until I stopped at the beginning of July. I wrote 11 Blog posts in just 2 months which was more than one a week! That's a pretty good achievement for someone that does not normally write in their day to day life. In addition, the content and quality of the posts have increased tremendously since I started (in my opinion). That inspired me to sit down and write this post and to start dedicating time again to writing and improving my skills.

If you have read any of my other posts you will know that I have set out on a personal mission to begin recycling and upcycling so that I can help to ensure my daughter has a sustainable future. I have also let these elements of my life slip over the past month and have not recycled as much as I could have. I have many excuses for this but looking hard at myself there are no real reasons why I should have let it happen. If I let those bad feelings of failure control me then I would probably spiral downward and eventually stop recycling altogether. However, looking at the glass half full on the other hand I can say that I have improved my recycling a lot over the last three months and have influenced friends and family to start looking at their own recycling habits, and who knows maybe I have inspired a reader or two as well. 

Focusing on the positives, I decided to see if there were any recycling related products I could add to my store in addition to the Recycling Sack Subscription Service I provide and to start expanding the number of services I can help provide to the recycling community.

Recycling - A glass half full - Whenever you find that you have slipped it is a good idea to look back and review what you have accomplished. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and remember that it takes one step at a time to climb a mountain and that if you give up half way up you will never reach the summit. 

Step back and review your achievements, that should help refocus you and inspire you to continue climbing towards your goals. 

Is there anything you do in particular to help get you back on track? 

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