5 Things you would not believe you can recycle!

1. Dirty Nappies and Sanitary towels

Nappy Recycling

That's right! UK based company Knowaste provides recycling services for Local Authorities, Healthcare services and even parents with trial pickups in England, Wales and Scotland. 

2. Unwanted Bras

Bra Recycling

Not only can you recycle your old or wrongly sized bras it's also for a good cause and helps raise £700 for every tonne of bras collected for pioneering breast cancer research. Find out more at againstbreastcancer.org.

3. Chewing Gum.

Chewing Gum Reycling


Yep you heard us right. You can now recycle your old chewing gum. Gumdrop is an innovative company that is collecting old chewing gum using their stylish gumdrop recycling bins and turning that old dirty gum into all sorts of materials for the rubber and plastics industry. Find out more at gumdropltd.com


4. Cigarettes

Cigarette Recycling

Unbelievably cigarettes and cigarette ash can be recycled into a variety of useful products including construction materials and table tops. terracycle.co.uk provides a free service where you can ship them the old packaging and ash from your ashtray for recycling.

5. Baby Food Pouches

Ellas Kitchen Recycling

Most of us might assume that baby food pouches are recyclable by our local authorities, however, that is often not the case. The pouches are made from combination materials that make them difficult to recycle and that is why EllasKitchen has launched EllaCycle to help recycling families. The scheme even provides handy recycling drop off points around the country. 

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