Why I upcycle with my daughter

Why I upcycle with my daughter

Dedicating time to spend with your children can be a difficult task when you are trying to juggle all the things that life is throwing at you. However, it is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do in life and something that I regret not doing more often.

With that in mind a few weeks ago I started waking my daughter up early on Sunday mornings so that we could work on an upcycling project together. 

The whole process starts on Friday evening when I get back home from work, my daughter and I will look around our house for potential candidates and do searches on the internet for ideas. Once we have a good candidate we will spend Saturday making sure we have all the right equipment ready for Sunday morning.

Spreading the project across the entire weekend like this gets my daughter super excited to wake up on Sunday morning and works in my favor too as we get to spend a lot more time together focused on the same goal. I have found that this process is not only fun but has also started to teach her how to achieve longer term goals in her life.

Below are a few of the projects we have undertaken and a couple we already have planned for the future. 

Piggy Bank made out of an old water bottle. This was our very first upcycling project and had the added benefit that it has also been teaching my daughter to save money for the things she wants. Some good inspiration can be found on Pinterest of people creating some crazy piggy banks from all sorts of household bottles. 

Fabric Storage Boxes made out of old cardboard boxes. This one we actually had to go collect some boxes from our local supermarket for as we normally recycle the old ones. However upcycling is normally preferable to recycling so now we try to upcycle them as storage boxes. Again you can find some great inspiration on Pinterest.

Zoo made out of toilet rolls! This was a great project for me and my daughter. She loves animals and could not wait to create her own little zoo. We still play with this set and she adds new animals to it sometimes. Her favorite was the shark.

 If you have any good ideas please share them with me on Twitter.

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